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Lacelle's Apiary Nucs

  • These nucs are High Quality, Strong, and Healthy. 
  • There also very gentle and great honey producers. 
  • Nucs are four frames: two frames of brood, a frame of honey and pollen and a frame of drawn foundation.
  • Nuc box is included in the price.
  • Best time to pick up your nucs is early morning or just before dark.
  • Best method to transport your nuc or nucs is in the back of a pick-up.
  • Nucs can travel by car (at your own risk) best to bring a sheet or net to cover them. (it is up to you as the new owner of the bees to decide how best to move your bees).
  • We are not responsible for bees that get overheated once they leave our place.

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