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Ceracell Feeder and Rim

Ceracell Feeder and Rim


 Beehives are usually mounted sloping slightly down towards the front and when feeding sugar syrup in a top feeder with a chimney cap there is always half a litre that the bees can't get to.  This new improved Blue top feeder by Ceracell has all the benefits of their old yellow one, but now with a corner access system.  
Heavy Duty construction with underside ribs for strength. Made from 100% virgin food grade plastic. This comes in the most popular medium size holding 8.5 litres (2.25 gal.).  
It can be used with just the corners open, with or without corner caps, or you can also add central access.  If you want the bees to also have access through the central chimney you will need to drill the size of holes you prefer.  Some beekeepers like large holes, some smaller.  The choice is yours.  Again, you can choose whether or not to use a chimney cap to protect the bees from drowning in the syrup.

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