Serving Eastern Ontario

Spring Colony Inspection (April)

  • As soon as there is access to the bee yard, check your colonies.
  • Ensure your entrance reducers are still in place.
  • Check for "Dead Outs".
  • Check colony weight by lifting the bottom board on one side of the colony. If colonies are light use feeding methods and apply pollen supplement to bolster brood rearing. Since its usually too cold for bees to fly at this time of the year, colonies will need to be fed with in-hive top feeders. 
  • On a day when the sun is shining and it is comfortable being outside in just a sweater, open the colonies. Remove the lids and crack the inner covers, but refrain from pulling any frames. Keep colony open only as long as possible. Avoid re-entering colonies for a few days after inspection.
  • Later in the spring, if the weather conditions discourage foraging, you may need to supplement the bees with sugar syrup and / or a pollen supplement to keep the bees alive and to ensure continued brood rearing.