Serving Eastern Ontario

Spring Colony Inspection-"Hands On" (April-23-2023)

  •  Spring management is critical. Learn how to get your colonies ready for a successful season. 
  • Check for live/ dead colonies. What to do with colonies that didn't survive winter?
  • When should I be doing a full inspection?
  • Check colony weight by lifting the bottom board on one side of the colony. If colonies are light use feeding methods and apply pollen supplement to bolster brood rearing. Since its usually too cold for bees to fly at this time of the year, colonies will need to be fed with in-hive top feeders. 
  • Later in the spring, if the weather conditions discourage foraging, you may need to supplement the bees with sugar syrup and / or a pollen supplement to keep the bees alive a to ensure continued brood rearing.

Course Dates: April-23 - 2023

Location: Lacelle's Apiary

126 Spruce Drive, Carleton Place ON- K7C 3P1

Times: 10:00 am- 1:30 pm

Cost: $ 150.00  - Please e-mail us if you would like to attend. Course must be payed to reserve your spot. Sign up early before you miss out.

* Due to limited spaces available, refunds will not be given if you cancel or are a no-show.