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Late Spring Hive Management

June management tips and reminders:
  • Learn to recognize eggs and brood in the various stages.
  • Check your frames for brood ( eggs, uncapped larvae, capped pupae).
  • Most frames should be about 2/3 filled with brood.
  • The brood pattern should be solid, not a mix of capped and uncapped brood in the same area.
  • Check for honey and pollen.
  • Learn to recognize brood disease symptoms when your checking for your queen performance.
  • The Integrated Pest Management Manual is a great source to help you identify colonies that are suffering from diseases and pests and how to approach treating colonies.
  • Managing a colony of bees is complex and requires continued monitoring and assessment.
  • Ensure your bees have adequate space before the main nectar flow begins.
  • Add supers as required. Adequate space is one of the keys in swarm prevention.
  • Have a great summer beekeeping summer.