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Swarm Commander- Premium Swarm Lure

Swarm Commander- Premium Swarm Lure


Swarm Lures are extremely popular and widely used in order to trap honey bee swarms. 

Swarm Commander increases the chances that the swarm trap you've choosen will capture swarms. The Swarm Commander Premium 2oz. bottle provides you with this quality and effectiveness.

This powerful and effective swarm lure gives you the edge you need to capture the swarm you need to build your apiary. 

Swarm Lure was created in the lab to be the most effective honey bee swarm lure on the market today.

Once you spray the commander premium swarm lure into a trap or empty hive, the release of its "Pheromone" will ensure that there are as many swarms caught as possible.


Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure will give you the edge when you are baiting your traps to capture swarms.

Only spray two sprays on the bottom of your inner cover and one on the entrance every seven to 10 days for maximum effectiveness.


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