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Ranger Electric Power Extractor M00410

Ranger Electric Power Extractor M00410


Radial Ranger Extractor

Designed for beekeepers using primarily 6 1/4" or shallow frames.

Dimensions:  18” diameter, 40” high floor to top of tank, 16” floor to bottom of gate

All stainless steel and nylon construction – no paint to chip and peel – no plating to peel with age
Stainless steel tank all welded

Loading capacity – Six - 6-1/4” or shallower frames radially, each load with positive frame placement

Stainless steel fabricated reel

Easy-to-assemble legs simply attach with supplied bolts to leg brackets already in place on the extractor tank.  This allows space for a 5-gallon pail to be placed under the honey gate.

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