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Deluxe Hive Kit- 100% Beeswax Frames


Interested in getting started in beekeeping? This fully assembled kit includes all the hive components to get your hobby buzzing! Just add bees.

  • Sorry, no substitutions.

Deluxe Hive Kit Includes:

1- Reverse Bottom Board

2- Hive Bodies-Deep Assembled- Dove Tailed for stronger strength

20- 100%- Beeswax Frames

1- Hive Body- Medium Assembled

10- 100%- Beeswax Frames

Plastic Queen Excluder

Entrance Reducer

Mesh Hat

Square Folding Veil

Inner Cover

Telescopic Cover

Hive Tool- Standard

Bee Brush

Smoker- 7"

Gloves- Economical

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