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Ceracell Top Feeder

Ceracell Top Feeder


You’ll love how well this top feeder works and the quality of the build that Ceracell has put into this new top feeder. The Ceracell Top Feeder is a great product for feeding bees in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Being a "top feeder" access is easy for the beekeeper and doesn't disturb or chill the bees when being filled. It also hold's a generous 8.5 litres ( about 2.25 gallons). Feeding solid sugar? Not a problem. Just remove the corner caps( and the chimney cap if using central access). Then when you want to go back to feeding syrup, just put the corner caps back in place( and the chimney cap if using central access) and fill the feeder with your liquid sugar.The patented corner access system ensures that regardless of any slope or lean that the hive is on, the bees will still get every drop of syrup. 

Require's a wooden feeder rim- Sold separately.


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