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Spring Management

With Spring approaching and the weather being a bit crazy, you may want to check-up on your bees. The next few months are the most critical for your bees.

With the warmer days we have had this winter, the bees consume more of their winter stores than if it stayed cold. With the days gaining a small amount of daylight every day the queen will slowly begin laying more brood which requires more food. 

I always find Spring to be a very busy time of the year, as things in the hive happen very quickly. 

A midwinter inspection may be necessary to  determine if surviving colonies have adequate stores and to diagnose any winter kill.

Keep your initial inspection very brief, experienced beekeepers can lift the colony and estimate the amount of stores the colony has left or briefly remove outer frames to check the amount of honey stored.

Do not expose brood frames to cold windy weather that might disrupt the brood pattern.

You may not have many options if you discover that your colony or colonies are short of honey stores. You can transfer frames of honey from colonies that have more than they need or use frames of honey stored for just such emergencies. Some beekeepers feed dry white sugar or sugar candy to colonies in danger of starvation. 

I make a honeybee fondant, providing my bees the sugar, carbohydrates and protein they  need to get them through till Spring. A two inch rim or spacer is needed and the fondant block or blocks are placed directly on the top bars.

Please check my website to purchase them and the two inch rim. 

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